We are happy, that you have turned to us when making a decision as important as choosing a job. We will take every effort to find suitable work for you. Agriculture, fish processing, horticulture or perhaps cleaning industry – let us know which branch of business you are interested in and we will take care of the rest.

You are not just the next item on the list to be checked off but an actual business partner, that is why we put such a great emphasis on individual approach and mutual respect in our work. We operate in compliance with applicable labour legislation and follow all standards and regulations relating to employment of persons. These declarations are confirmed by our affiliation with the NBBU, the sector organization for Dutch employment agencies. K&S PersoneelsDiensten has also been awarded the SNA quality mark by the Dutch Labour Standards Foundation (Stichting Normering Arbeid, SNA).

We know how important it is for the employer to be financially sound. That is why we always select only those who offer a guarantee of timely payments.

We are aware of the fact that for some people looking for a job can be a stressing experience, that is why we reduce all the related formalities to a minimum. It is enough that you have a valid ID card or passport and you have obtained a BSN number (though we can help you also in this matter), a we will take care of the rest. You have no health insurance? This is not a problem either! We have a possibility to ensure your health care coverage owing to our collaboration with a Dutch insurance company.