Dear employer, we understand that time is money, that is why we are the best choice for you. We seek to reduce the formalities to an absolute minimum and to work with all institutions facilitating prompt handling of all necessary paperwork. Our long-term experience in recruiting employees is our best recommendation (you can find more information on our career paths in the About us page).

The job candidates we refer to our client companies are synonymous with diligence, professionalism, trust and endurance. Our work does not end on the day on which the employee we have found for your vacancy shows up at your premises. Every following day we monitor comprehensively whether our clients perform well, turn up at work on time and fulfil their duties as required, and we immediately respond to any irregularities.

We often hear that the present day labour market is employee’s market. Due to a vast number of job vacancies on offer, abundance of foreign investors and growth of many businesses job seekers are able to dictate their terms of employment, and employers have problems with filling vacancies or keeping employees for longer. We listen to the needs of the market and actively respond to any changes, that is why our choices are the right choices. We match job candidates with businesses in a manner ensuring their relationship has a future rather than being a short-lived adventure (unless it happens that both parties want it this way).

Thus if you do not wish to go to the trouble of recruiting employees on your own but prefer to focus on earning money instead, just contact us!